Unna Signature Massage

Our exclusive signature massage that combines the best elements of various massage techniques.
This unique and indulgent experience is tailored to each client’s need, providing unparalleled relaxation.

Posnatal Massage

A nurturing massage designed to help new mothers recover from childbirth, ease muscle tension, and restore energy levels.

Prenatal Massage

Specially designed for expectant mothers, this massage offers gentle relief from pregnancy-related discomfort while promoting relaxation and well-being. Performed after 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Couples Massage

Enjoy a relaxing massage experience together with your partner, featuring your choice of massage technique in a serene, private setting.

Four Hands Massage

A very relaxing treatment performed by two massage therapists, mixing techniques to melt away tension and stiffness.

Reflexology Massage

Target specific pressure points on the feet to restore balance and promote overall wellness.

What Customers are Saying

I have been a client of Unna Spa for long time, enjoying monthly relaxation massages.
The staff is always professional. The environment is serene and relaxing.

Nayara Aline, System Analyst

What Customers are Saying

Absolutely amazing service of attentive and careful professionals, a spa at convenient place in the city,
with a wonderful relaxing atmosphere and excellent customer service!

Zac Rushton, Business executive